Originalmente publicado em 2015-02-12 23:50 no blog Patinete a vela.

Lazy Clock

I am developing a somewhat different clock app for the iPhone. You can see what the clock will look like in the picture above.

The idea behind this is to allow the user to locate herself in the day and have a deeper feeling of the time passing by. To accomplish this, I considered that the clock should be able to transmit in a very direct way the following information:

  • In what part of the day I am right now?
  • Will it take long to become night? Or day?
  • What are my appointments for the day? How much time is left until my next appointment?
  • Has it been long since I woken up? How much time is left until bed time?

I created a small prototype of a clock which intends to address these questions. Please note that the objective is not to give the exact time. I don’t want the user to glance at the clock and quickly know that it is 10:37 AM. I want him to have a more intuitive notion of the time. Besides, being a 24 hour clock it is easy to visualize user defined appointments and alerts.

The video below shows a demo of the clock. I will be happy to hear your suggestions and critics, either about the design or the functionalities.